Q: What Operating systems your website support?

A: Our website support MS Windows / Mac OS / Linux.

Q: Can I save my game progress?

A: Yes you can, go to the Help page for more details.

Q: I'm saving game progress but it keeps loading the old progress, What should i do?

A: Clear your browser cache and it will work fine.

Q: I accidentally saved over my progress, Can I recover my old save back.

A: No you can't.

Q: Can I use a controller?

A: Yes you can but you need to use an application called joy2key for MS-Windows or GamePad Companion for Mac.

Q: Can I download the games to my computer?

A: No you can't.

Q: Can I make an account on your website?

A: You can make an account to save your game status.

Q: Can I delete my account from the website?

A: No you can't, It will be deleted automatically after 3 months if we didn't see any activity in your account.

Q: If i didn't find a game on your website , Can I make a request to upload it?

A: Yes , Go to contact us and make a request there.

Q: Can i play multiplayer with a friend?

A: yes you can, go to the Help page for more details..

Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes it's legal, by playing you are renting a copy of the games we own.